Cumbria Woodturners Association

Past Events

  • Richard Findlay was the demonstrator this month and a table leg was turned round and marked out using a template
  • Cut to dimensions using gouge and taper with skew
  • Finished leg ready for fluting
  • Setting up jig for router for fluting
  • Collet for setting depth of flute
  • Using indexer for setting out flutes
  • A walking stick 900mm long being sanded
  • Bowl blank mounted on screw chuck and turn outside to shape
  • After reversing onto chuck clean up face
  • Using beading tool to form decoration
  • After spraying with black acrylic clean up either side of beads and hollow out bowl
  • Reverse onto MDF faceplate with tailstock for support and finish with decorative foot
  • The finished bowl. Spray or use oil finish
  • A piece of Oak roughed down to round and a spigot formed
  • Cut in fairly deep for stalk end then use screw chuck to finish off flower end
  • A stalk was turned for the finished apple
  • CWA members work

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