Cumbria Woodturners Association

Past Events

  • With hand held chuck drill down to required depth
  • After using gouge and then hollowing tool finish with scraper
  • For the neck a contrasting wood was turned round and spigot one end to fit hollow form
  • Hand held drill
  • Showing spigot and hollowing
  • Hollow form remounted on chuck
  • Glue and fit neck
  • Finish shaping neck
  • To complete open up end of neck and sand up
  • A Burr Elm blank turned round
  • Starting to shape outside
  • Outside finished with chucking point and ready for sanding
  • After reversing start to hollow
  • Following outside shape then power sand
  • Reverse on to block and router mat
  • Texturing foot
  • Some of Tracy\'s work
  • CWA members work
  • CWA members work
  • CWA members work
  • CWA members work

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