Cumbria Woodturners Association

Past Events

  • Tracy Owen made a return visit and started with a Maple blank
  • After shaping the underside Tracy showed off his own brand of scraper and invited anyone to come up and try it out
  • Our chairman Roger took up the offer and Tracy amused everyone by sitting down in Rogers seat and said carry on
  • A little power sanding was still required
  • After reversing the bowl was hollowed and a wide rim left
  • To texture by using a cutter in angle grinder
  • A wire brush was used in electric drill, as close photo shows
  • Wire brush in use
  • A blow torch burning off all loose fibres
  • Black ebonising paint sprayed on taking care not to spray back
  • using a toothbrush to lightly brush on gold paste
  • Spraying Acrylic gloss lacquer
  • Final hollowing after paint dried
  • Tracy using his own brand of scraper
  • Power sanding
  • Reverse with wood blank and router mat to finish foot
  • Finished bowl
  • Showing underside with foot
  • A Sycamore blank for hollow form
  • Turn to round and form spigot on end
  • Reverse and ready to hollow

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